Documentary produced by Galope Cine and Lumen Cine and supported by INCAA -National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts-.
63 min., color, 5.1, 2018.

Home and music, walls and rhythms, rooms and songs, echoes and facades. In the depths of Buenos Aires, artists circulate, transforming the noise of the city into new landscapes. The film proposes the discovery of multiple forms of sound creation in a nocturnal and disturbing city.

Directing, Editing and Sound design Luciana Foglio, Luján Montes
Production Luciana Foglio, Anibal Garisto, Luján Montes
DoP and camera Gustavo Esnaola Moro, Luciana Foglio, Luján Montes
Editing and color grading Luján Montes
Sound editing Luciana Foglio
Sound mix Facundo Gómez, Martín Scaglia

Festivals and screenings
Special screening at Filmhuis Cavia, Soundscapes: noise and joy. Netherlands. 2021.
MUBI. 2020.
DAFilms -Doc Alliance Films-. 2024-2019.
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin. France. 2020.
Premiered at Gaumont , espacio INCAA Km 0, in July, 2019.
WOS, Festival de Música Experimental. Spain. 2018.
Encuentros cinematográficos Cámara Lúcida, 3er Festival Internacional de Cine no-ficción, experimental y poéticas expandidas. Ecuador. 2018.
29º FIDMarseille. Special mention at first films competition. France. 2018.
20º BAFICI, Vanguard and genre international competition. Argentina. 2018.