13.30 min., súper 8, b&w and color, 2.0, 1º cut 2013 - 2º cut 2019.

Historia Clínica is an audiovisual essay inspired by the poem H.C. nº13.176 by Marisa Wagner, a former psychiatric hospital intern. Images of a physical and mental wandering through streets, trips, nightmares, hospices, burials, fallen trees, the sea, all fragments of a life that transcends any clinical record.

Poet Marisa Wagner
Production, directing and editing Luciana Foglio y Luján Montes
Sound design Gustavo Esnaola Moro
Sound post Gustavo Esnaola Moro Luciana Foglio

Festivals and screenings
MUBI. 2020.
The8Fest. Women in experimental cinema panorama. Canada. 2020.
Poéticas y Políticas de la Actualidad special screening, organized by IDAC documentary school. Argentina. 2019.
Festival Internacional de Cine Icaro. International documentary competition. Guatemala. 2014.
Festival Internacional MARFICI.Tren de sombras section. Argentina. 2014.