Documentary film produced by Galope Cine and supported by INCAA - Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales-.
64 min., color, 2.0, 2023.

A few notes about MMM reveals in a fragmentary way Movimiento Música Más' actions and concerns. MMM is a collective of artists and amateurs that has been performing musical theater on stage and in the streets since 1969. Today, at the age of 80 years old and in the midst of Mauricio Macri's government, some of its original members are planning new sound interventions at CASo, Centro de Arte Sonoro de Buenos Aires. Thus, this task summons them to reflect on the meaning of artistic work, the conditions that make the legitimization in the art system and the construction of memory in Argentina.

Main characters Norberto Chavarri, Luis Conde, Roque de Pedro, Ramiro Larrain, Carolina Rovira, Victor Tapia y Pablo Zukerfeld
Directing and production Luciana Foglio y Luján Montes
Sound Luciana Foglio
Color grading Luján Montes
Second camera and audio assistant Gustavo Esnaola Moro
Editing mentoring Mario Bocchicchio